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A busy term is well underway... find out what is going on!

Newsletter 9- Friday 26th January 

Dear Parents/ Carers,

The future’s bright…

I have mentioned in previous newsletters that we have been very busy with tours for our 2018/ 2019 intake. We are obviously determined for Tudor to remain a popular and successful school and we were thrilled to see the numbers of parents who have chosen Tudor for their children next year. Nearly 150 families put Tudor as one of their choices and 57 families put Tudor as their FIRST choice! This will mean that we are full (yet again) in Reception class and we will have a large waiting list. This is vital for the future prosperity of the school as our budget can remain strong and we can continue to plan for innovation and further development to the site. 

But what about now?

2018 is well underway and the children are enjoying the themes in class. The teachers have planned lots of inspiring ideas for this term and we look forward to some fantastic outcomes in class- displays celebrating work that has already been completed are looking great in the corridors and classrooms. Annabelle in 3T is certainly doing well and her writing really impressed us all this week. Here’s a section of it:

'On the shimmering shiny grass the sun reflected like a silver plate just being made in the warmth by the fire.  Inside the dark, gloomy house the light shone brightly as the leaves rustled… When the cold breeze blew it made the fallen leaves dance gracefully in the spotlight of the sun.‘

Well done Annabelle- I think you should write the newsletters in future!

This week has been ‘assessment week’ in school and this provides an opportunity to find out how much the children have learnt as well as which areas need further support. It was great to see Mr Gayle and Mr Munro so excited at the results of our year 6 maths assessments at the start of the week- Tudor Primary is obviously the home of many mathematical masters!

School Gateway- PLEASE consider using this

Attached to the newsletter is a slip that we really want as many of our parents to complete. If you return these details you will be sent a ‘pin’ for an app that you can download. Those parents that use school gateway benefit from being able to complete all school related payments online such as trips, music lessons, clubs (breakfast and sports) and more. Parents are also able to track what their children have chosen for lunch. Please also recognise that the school will then not have to pay for school related texts- we would much rather spend our budget on the children!  

We really hope that you take the time to complete the form- those who use School Gateway at the moment have given super feedback for ease of use!

Have you booked your parent consultation time?

Please ensure that you have booked your appointment to hear how your child is progressing in our Spring consultations. The teachers are currently completing the ‘Mid-Year Reports’ and these will be shared during the meeting which will take place on Tuesday 6th or Thursday 8th February. You can book a slot of your choice at:

Breakfast club update

A number of parents have responded to my request for feedback/ input about plans for a new breakfast club at Tudor Primary. As expected, there has been a range of ideas but what is very apparent is that the club will be used by a large number of families.  Price is obviously an important factor and this will influence what we are able to provide- we are determined to get the balance right! Keep an eye on the website for updates…

Breaktime fun…

Wet and windy weather bring a number of challenges to schools and it will not surprise you to know that our lunchtime staff (and children) look forward to the warmer months when the field will be accessible. To ensure that children still have lots of fun in the meantime we have increased the range of activities for children to enjoy at breaktimes. Mr Higgins, our sports coach, has ordered lots of fun equipment and the children are also able to complete ‘Skip2Bfit’ challenges. The 2 minute challenge is not as easy as you think as it’s pretty tiring- records have been set for the challenges and they are there to be beaten! 

Attendance- a signal of success…

Attendance rates are used as an indicator for how successful a school is. It remains a concern for the teaching team at Tudor that we do not hit the targets that other schools are able to. However, the vast majority of families continue to support the school and it was pleasing to see lots of classes achieve the target of 97% last week and Class 1O even had a perfect 100%. Thank you to all those parents who do all that they can to make sure their children are ready to receive what Tudor has to offer each day…

Advance warning for parking issues…

You may have noticed on signs outside the school that some local works to the footpaths are due to take place on Wednesday 7th February and Thursday 8th February. On those days it may mean that there is extra congestion outside of the school. Try and allow some extra times on those days. And before you ask, yes I know that it would have been far easier for such works close to a school to have been completed during half term!

It’s not long until the next Tudor Owls Cake Sale:

Tudor Owls- Friday (2nd February) is cake day. This time it will be the turn of the children in Year 2 to provide biscuits and Y6 to provide cakes. Tudor Owls charge 20p for each cake or for two biscuits. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN CAKES/ BISCUITS THAT CONTAIN NUTS- THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Enjoy your weekend...

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher