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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

All stakeholders in the 'Tudor Community' are proud of supportive culture and atmosphere that permeates the school.

Our best selling point when showing parents around our school is the fact that the children are always smiling, respectful and excited to be here. Parents always comment on it too!

This has been the result of the dedicated work of the teachers and staff (over many years) to ensure that the children feel safe and able to express themselves.

So how can we continue to GROW?

As a continually evolving (and evaluative school), we are looking to develop this strength of our school even further. To this aim, we want to share the 'social success' of Tudor Primary with a wider audience.

To demonstrate how the children at Tudor truly benefit from a 'Values-based Education', we are now on our journey to becoming  an acredited school with the 'Values Quality Mark'. This is something that we know that we will be able to succeed with.

Our website will be providing you with additional updates as well as news on how the children of Tudor Primary are continuing to prove themselves to be wonderful members of our modern society. Just follow the link at the tab on the main ribbon.

Ms Smith- Deputy Headteacher

September 2017