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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Fun phonics in Nursery

    Published 14/10/21, by Melissa Buckley

    The children in nursery have been learning how to write the letter 't' and practising how we write it. We used our mini whiteboards for the first time as well as the using singing and writing rhymes to help his remember all about the letter 't'.

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  • Nursery class became 'Gruffalos' for a P.E. lesson this week!

    Published 08/10/21, by Melissa Buckley

    Nursery class became 'Gruffalos' for a P.E. lesson this week!

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  • Nursery Class went on a bear the library!

    Published 01/10/21, by Melissa Buckley

    This week in Nursery Class we have been doing our learning connected with the well known story, 'We're going on a bear hunt.'  We enjoyed our first visit to the school library and read a story together.  

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  • The tiger came to tea!

    Published 27/09/21, by Melissa Buckley
    We each had our own tiger. We talked about where their heads, eyes, toes and paws were. We then watched the story after reading the book, with our tigers. Later on in the week we enjoyed pretending to be Sophie and her Mummy eating our tea before the
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  • Watery fun in with the first half of Nursery's arrival!

    Published 09/09/21, by Melissa Buckley

    Watery fun in the sun for the first week of new starters in Nursery.

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  • 11 June Learning to grow in Nursery!

    Published 11/06/21, by Melissa Buckley
    This week in Nursery class we have been learning about growing.  We have enjoyed playing in our outdoor garden centre.  We have made our own flowers, found letters in the sand as well as pretending to be seeds growing whilst playing with th
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  • 21 May Bee-blog!

    Published 21/05/21, by Office Team

    Buzzzy Bees!

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  • Online learning in the EYFS!

    Published 05/01/21, by Jodee Price

    Welcome to online learning in the EYFS!

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