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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Two Weeks at Tudor

It is official, we have completed our first two weeks at school and WOW what a start we have had. We have learnt so many new things and are trying our best to follow our school rules. 

This week we have started our phonics and literacy lessons.

We have learnt the sounds s, a, t and p.

Each day we complete an activity sheet all on our own. Our teachers are so impressed with our work so far and on Friday we are going to get our very own reading books. 

    By Jenson                   By Olive


 By Mia



But most importantly, we have been having so much fun and have been making so many friends along the way. Here are just a few things we have been getting up too


A castle built by Tilly. C                                                    A gummy bear by Lewis



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  • Safety Week!

    Published 21/10/22, by Shannon Foy
    In reception this week we have been learning all about things that keep us safe. We began with some E-safety where we learnt when we need to tell an adult if we see things we don’t like. Following this we took part in some role play where we al
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  • The start of something NEW!

    Published 22/09/22, by Shannon Foy

    Welcome to our Early Years Family 2022-2023! We can not wait to share the amazing learning journey that we will be heading on with you this year! We will share a weekly round up with you here including pictures from the week and telling you all about what we have been up to!

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  • Brazil!

    Published 23/06/22, by Shannon Foy

    B R A Z I L ... oh Brazil!

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  • G'Day Recepion Family!

    Published 20/06/22, by Shannon Foy

    G'day Reception friends! This week we landed in sunny Australia! We looked at the different cultures, animals, food, sights and much more!

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  • We're Leaving on a Jet Plane...

    Published 13/06/22, by Shannon Foy

    Welcome back Reception Family!

    This term our theme is 'We're leaving on a Jet Plane! We will be visiting a different country each week and taking a deep dive into the culture, food, place and history of each place. This week is all about how we will be getting away, learning about airplane safety, packing our back, collecting the right documents for our flight and getting ready for takeoff!

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  • Let's do some research!

    Published 13/05/22, by Shannon Foy

    Research week is all about finding out new things!

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  • Snails and Matisse

    Published 06/05/22, by Shannon Foy

    Welcome the SNAIL week! This week we have chosen a book called 'Matisse's magical trail'. This book helps us to explore many areas of the curriculum including fine motor, expressive art and design and literacy.

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  • I'm a Hungry Caterpillar

    Published 29/04/22, by Shannon Foy

    This week we have been focusing on CATERPILLARS! 

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  • Hip Hip HOORAY for Superworm!

    Published 22/04/22, by Shannon Foy

    Welcome back to Summer Term! 

    We have kick-started our Minibeast theme with 'worm' week! 

    Superworm in SUPER long,

    Superworm in SUPER strong! 

    Watch him wiggle, see him squirm...

    HIP HIP HOORAY, for Superworm!

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  • Tiger Tea Party

    Published 01/10/21, by Shannon Foy

    Hello Reception Family! 

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  • A New Week!

    Published 27/09/21, by Shannon Foy

    Hello Reception Family!

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  • Full time ready!

    Published 17/09/21, by Shannon Foy

    Welcome Reception Family! 

    This will be the first of many Friday blog posts that you will see. As of next Friday, here is where you can find pictures and magic 'WOW' moments from the week of learning here in Reception.

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