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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Welcome the SNAIL week! This week we have chosen a book called 'Matisse's magical trail'. This book helps us to explore many areas of the curriculum including fine motor, expressive art and design and literacy.

In literacy, we had a creative focus, we made a  'snail book' where we will be created a new page each day. We wrote real life snail facts, recreating Matisse's snail art an dha a go at cut out art too. We also made our own creative version of his 'cut out' art and decorate our playground just like the snail did in our book ' Matisse's Magical Trail'

In Maths we put our doubling skills into action! We practised our new learning in lots of different ways including doubling dice, butterfly doubling, mirror doubling. In our explorer's session we completed odd and even maths investigations and wrote numbers into snail slime!

In phonics this week we are learnt: ow, oi, ear, air. 

Brown, frown, clown, owl, meow.
foil, spoil, boil, coil
fear, sear, clear, smear, near, dear
Fair, stairs, chair,

In our afternoon learning we created a museum in our classroom to showcase our amazing creations throughout the week. This included construction, writing, art work, play doh and more! We also wrote plaques for our creations and 'do not touch' signs too! We also made Mini Beast consumes for our baby dolls!