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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

In reception this week we have been learning all about things that keep us safe. We began with some E-safety where we learnt when we need to tell an adult if we see things we don’t like. Following this we took part in some role play where we all learnt how to cross a road in a SAFE way.  We looked as some pictures of different situation and had to decide what was and was not safe… we ALL did well on this!


There were lots of things to do, including look both ways! We then did a super hand washing experiment with some pepper and washing up liquid, it taught us that soap really helps to keep the germs away!

We finally popped on our high visibility jackets and took a safety walk around the school, looking at all of the things our school does to keep up safe. This includes: Fire alarms, fire extinguishers, safety locks, key safes, signs and posters, gates, buttons for the doors and so much more.

We really enjoyed our safety week, and we can’t wait to teach our families at home about how we can stay safe.