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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Fun Friday Phonics!

    Published 15/10/21, by Katie Manzie

    This Fun Friday we have been writing tricky words on the playground again!

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  • What seasonal changes can you see?

    Published 13/10/21, by Rose Houston

    Next week we are looking around the nature garden to find changes to the season.

    Watch this space for more...

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  • Wacky Wednesday Phonics

    Published 13/10/21, by Katie Manzie

    This Wacky Wednesday we have been making Tricky Word Pictures!

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  • We are Treasure Hunters!

    Published 06/10/21, by Katie Manzie

    This week we had our first ever computing day!

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  • Jumping Practice in PE

    Published 04/10/21, by Katie Manzie

    This week in PE with Mr Higgins, we have been looking at how to jump further!

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  • Wacky Wednesday Phonics!

    Published 29/09/21, by Katie Manzie

    This Wacky Wednesday we have been playing SPLAT!

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  • Carl's Crash Landing!

    Published 27/09/21, by Katie Manzie

    Carls balloons have popped and he's had a crash somewhere in our school!

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  • PE Running Races

    Published 20/09/21, by Katie Manzie

    In our PE lesson with Mr Higgins this week, we were running in races as a team!

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  • Funky Friday Phonics!

    Published 17/09/21, by Katie Manzie

    Which tricky words can you see?

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  • Bowling for Words!

    Published 15/09/21, by Katie Manzie

    This "Wacky Wednesday" in phonics, we went bowling for words ...

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  • Man made or Natural Materials??

    Published 15/09/21, by Rose Houston

    Next week we are looking at Man made and natural materials in science.

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  • Adventures in the Nature Garden

    Published 13/09/21, by Katie Manzie

    As a special treat, we went to explore the Nature Garden this week!

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