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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Our Lighthouse Keepers Lunchboxes

    Published 13/05/22, by Katie Manzie

    In our DT lessons, we have been designing our own lunch boxes to keep the lighthouse keepers lunch safe ...

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  • Grouping with Beadstrings

    Published 11/05/22, by Rose Houston

    We have looked using a bead string to group.

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  • Twice as many shapes

    Published 11/05/22, by Katie Manzie

    In maths, we've been looking at twice as many ...

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    Published 01/05/22, by Rose Houston

    A trip back in time to a beach in the past ...

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  • The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch(BOX)

    Published 26/04/22, by Katie Manzie

    In DT this term, we will be cutting and joining different materials to make a seagull-proof lunchbox for the Lighthouse Keeper!

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  • Role play in year 1

    Published 24/04/22, by Rose Houston

    This week, we have been role playing a day at the beach in the past.

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  • Let's dive right into our new topic

    Published 13/04/22, by Rose Houston

    Year 1 are heading to the beach as we start the Summer Term!

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  • Measuring in year 1

    Published 23/03/22, by Rose Houston

    We have been using cuisenaire to measure different lengths.

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  • Brilliant Bench Balances

    Published 22/03/22, by Katie Manzie

    In our Gymnastics lessons, we have been learning about balances ...

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  • Mead Open Farm!

    Published 14/03/22, by Katie Manzie

    Check out some photos of us at Mead Open Farm ...

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  • Science week trees!

    Published 10/03/22, by Rose Houston

    It is science week!

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    Published 28/02/22, by Katie Manzie

    For World Book Week, we saw the REAL Julia Donaldson live!

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