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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Reading over the summer? Of course!!

Don't forget to keep reading over the holidays!

We have been using phonics to help us sound out words but some words are harder to read and spell with our phonics. All the words below, the children have come across this year or in reception. Please practise reading these words and see if you can spot them in different books.


Please keep reading over the summer as much as you can. Some ways you might do this include:

- Sharing a story together. This can be the child reading or the adult or both.

- Encouraging children to read signs or menus. Maybe they can find words they recognise or read it all.

 - Going to the library to borrow some books, or join in with the summer reading activity that they are running.

You can always keep a log of what you have read I am sure Miss Scott and Miss Cohen would love to hear about what you have read :)

Enjoy your summer!!