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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Sport for Schools - Amazing Athlete Visit

    Published 26/05/23, by Louise Scott

    On Friday, we were lucky to welcome Commonwealth gold medallist gymnast Steve Frew to our school.

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  • Growing Up Quickly!

    Published 19/05/23, by Emma Cosby

    Looking at changes around the school.

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  • A Coronation Celebration

    Published 09/05/23, by Louise Scott

    Year 2 celebrated the coronation in style.

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  • What's in Your Pocket?

    Published 28/04/23, by Emma Cosby

    2Q write a poem for King Charles.

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  • Homes for Nature

    Published 05/04/23, by Louise Scott

    We have been exploring different microhabitats around the school grounds.

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  • Neighbourhood FOX watch

    Published 23/03/23, by Emma Cosby

    2Q keep an eye on the local wildlife

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  • Eye Spy...

    Published 15/03/23, by Emma Cosby

    Year 2 keeping an eye on the animals in our habitat

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  • Marvellous Maps

    Published 12/03/23, by Louise Scott

    We've been using aerial photographs and maps to find out more about our local area and the world.

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  • Bedtime Book Ideas

    Published 07/03/23, by Emma Cosby

    Year 2's best bedtime stories

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  • On Safari

    Published 22/02/23, by Louise Scott

    Anyone going on safari needs a vehicle that they can travel in.

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  • Which way to do it?

    Published 03/02/23, by Emma Cosby

    Year 2 investigate the commutativity of addition.

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  • Let's Explore!

    Published 26/01/23, by Louise Scott

    We have been investigating our school grounds.

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