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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

All Aboard...for week 1 of home learning!

Year 2 jump into learning at home with FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Well that wasn't the start to the term we were expecting, but tonight (Friday) there are 2 EXTREMELY happy and proud teachers here!  Year 2 have thrown themselves into learning at home with all the gusto we see in school, showing the true Tudor spirit.

We have started off our new theme by looking at the way transport has changed through time with lots of excellent observations and time lines.  
Here is Alexis' work that she explained so well:

Linking in with our transport theme, we have written descriptions of Vanellope from Sugar Rush (a game in the movie Wreck-it-Ralph).  We spent time thinking about describing what a character looks like using adjectives and then describing action using verbs and adverbs.

Nylah-Rai and Klaudia have really shown that they can work hard at home with their pieces:



As we are travelling about on our transport, we are using it to explore the world around us 'THE WILDERNESS MUST BE EXPLORED!" That is what we are focusing on in science. This week this meant exploring around us to find out what was alive, dead and had never been living. There were lots of fantastic walks (with some very interesting creatures seen- a fox! a bunny that looked like a little sister!) and many gardens explored.

Here is what William found in his garden:

The animals and habitat learning also was part of our guided reading, One group where reading about woodland and as an extra challenge they were asked to design a shelter.  

Here is a great effort making use of the sunshine and taking her learning outside:  



All in all a great few days learning!  Nothing can stop Year 2!

Keep your eyes peeled for what we get up to next week!

Team Year 2 xxxxx