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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Diving into the final half term!

2Q get stuck into learning after half-term

It's hard to believe we have a)only been back a week and b)have one half-term left in Year 2! There is still SO much more for us to find out and do.

This week we have started to look at the history of the seaside and focused on a Victorian hero. Grace Darling, with the help of her father, helped to raise the alarm and save survivors of a boat during a terrible storm.  We spent time listening to her story, then we created our own retellings.

Click on the links to hear our expressive versions:

Francesca's work

Jack's work

A micro habitat is a small habitat within a larger habitat. One example of this a rock pool! Unfortunately we don't have a rock pool in school, so we went in search for more local micro habitats in the nature area. Before we went we predicted what types of creatures we might find under the logs/bricks or in the bushes/trees.



In maths, we tackled some pretty challenging fraction work - counting in quarters, halves and wholes.  After all that, we again practised finding fractions and thinking about which is more or less using a classic seaside arcade game of push the penny.


Finally, in DT we are starting to investigate pulleys and how they are used. We had to solve the problem of lifting a heavy fishing net (the book) into a boat with limited equipment. By pulling down (the effort) it makes the load (the book) go up more easily.


Phew! What a week! On to assembly practice and a lot more learning about the Seaside next week!