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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Soaking up the Science

Year 2 help Sarge out with a little spill.

Oh no! The toys in Andy's room have knocked over a glass of water! (We think it was Forky, but we can't be sure).  Sarge needs help with mopping up the spill before Andy's Mum sees it...BUT what is the best material to mop it up with? 

We had 4 options...

We thought about what properties the material would have to have to be good at the job we needed it to do. It had to be ABSORBENT! Then we made a prediction and tested it out.


As you can see, there was a lot of measuring and concentration going on.

After all this, we looked carefully at our results and made our recommendations to Sarge. 

Why don't you ask us what we should use?