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  • Computing day fun!

    Published 25/09/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    Today in 3T we became computer programmers! We created our own story boards and then bought these to life using scratch on the iPads. We also had fun trying out the different features of scratch by making a penguin disco animation! 
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  • We are animators

    Published 25/09/23, by Ella McKenzie

    Using simple coding to create animations on Scratch Junior!

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  • Comparing numbers

    Published 18/09/23, by Ella McKenzie

    Using place value to determine which numbers are larger 

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  • Styrofoam Printing

    Published 12/09/23, by Ella McKenzie

    Creating our own stamps using Styrofoam and using them to create prints!

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  • Egypt – the mindblowing land of magic and wonder!

    Published 07/07/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    Year three have been writing leaflets and will be recording an advert to persuade adults to book a holiday to Egypt. Have a read at some of the children's paragraphs below.  Have you been dreaming of a holiday where the Sun shines bright
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  • An epic Egyptian adventure!

    Published 30/06/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    What a fantastic day! The children have been so lucky to have a full Egyptian experience day today with archaeologist and explorer Stuart. They began the day with some exciting acting and learning in the hall that involved children becoming Gods, God
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  • Art Week in Year 3!

    Published 23/06/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    It's been a wonderfully creative and exciting week at Tudor this week. We have spent the week creating Egyptian masks out of clay. We began by exploring lots of examples of the Egyptian masks and also researching different sculptors. 
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  • Mummifying oranges

    Published 19/06/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    In topic this week, year three learnt about the process of mummification. After bodies were cleaned, the organs were removed and placed into canopic jars. After this, the body was dried in salt, stuffed with sawdust and spices, and the
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  • Riddle me this...

    Published 09/06/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    This week in English, year 3 have been writing their own Egyptian riddles! They chose what they wanted to write their riddle on coming up with some amazing metaphors and similes!  See if you can guess what the riddles below are about! 
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  • A special visit from two doctors!

    Published 26/05/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    Last week, we have two doctors visit us via zoom to talk about the human skeleton. Dr McManus is a GP and has worked for four years in A&E Dr bass who is specialising in surgery and is an expert in the human skeleton.    The childre
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  • Ready, steady, cook!

    Published 24/05/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    We had such an exciting week last week in year three! Every single afternoon, the children were developing their cooking skills.   We began the week by taste, testing a range of different foods, including dates, tzatziki, hummus, mint, coria
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  • Using our geographical skills!

    Published 16/05/23, by Geraldine Sentance


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