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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Remainders

    Published 15/04/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about remainders when dividing

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  • Making Magnetic Games

    Published 25/03/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Having fun using our knowledge of magnets and magnetic fields. 

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  • Password Pros

    Published 21/03/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about the importance of strong passwords in e-safety.

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  • Who let the dogs out?

    Published 13/03/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Having some very special (and furry) visitors in for our Crime Buster's topic!

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  • Opposites always attract!

    Published 07/03/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about magnetic fields and how magnets attract or repel!

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  • Orienteering

    Published 15/02/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning to read and follow a simple map in PE

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  • Pictogram Practice

    Published 09/02/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about pictograms... by making our own!

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  • Battle Ship Multiplication

    Published 02/02/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Revising the times tables we have learnt in a fun way!

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  • Forces everywhere!

    Published 30/01/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Practising using a newton metre to measure forces

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  • Making Shapes

    Published 26/01/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about shape and proportion when drawing faces in art.

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  • Finding shapes in faces

    Published 23/01/24, by Gabby Gamble
    In art we are looking at proportion and shapes of faces. We used the 2D shapes to create our own abstract portraits and then drew these into our books. We think they look just like us!
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  • Division using resources

    Published 17/01/24, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning to divide numbers using multilink, arrays and number beads.

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