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Tudor Primary School

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  • Glorious Geography

    Published 24/06/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our learning about the Amazon, we focused on the river running through it! We delved into the importance the river plays in both animals and people's lives. Using the I-pads, we researched lots of information about it, then created a fact file page using SeeSaw. Have a look at some of the glorious work below: 






    Have  a look on SeeSaw to see even more of our work! 



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  • Fabulous French

    Published 13/06/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our learning in French last week, we used all our knowledge we had learnt about  numbers, day and months to talk about our birthdays. We worked our how to say our own birthdays in French, then went round the room asking when our peer's birthdays were. We all had a go at speaking in French the whole time and recorded the birthdays from the peers we spoke too. 









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  • Wonderful Writing

    Published 20/05/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our learning, we have been exploring the story of The Jungle Book, which we have really loved! 

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  • Powerful PSHE

    Published 09/05/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our PSHE learning, we have been looking at how to keep healthy. 

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  • Graceful Gymnastics

    Published 03/05/22, by Jenny Bail
    As part of our learning this term in PE, we are focusing on gymnastics. We have learnt some different shapes such as arch, straight, straddle and dish using our bodies. Then we practised them in a small group, holding them for at 10 seconds - some of
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  • Fantastic Flowers

    Published 25/04/22, by Jenny Bail
    This week, Year 3 started their new Science topic on Plants. The children used their observational skills to identify the different parts of a flowering plant. We then discussed and understood what the different parts do and why they are so impo
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  • Painful Punishments!

    Published 21/03/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our Topic learning we have been exploring punishment through British History. We went back to the Anglo Saxons, who were seen as one of the worst for punishment! We identified the key punishments in the different eras of time, then compared the similarities and differences to punishments now. 

    We ALL agreed that living in the past was A LOT worse for punishment than now!





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  • Spectacular Sewing

    Published 07/03/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our DT learning, we have been exploring the features of a jacket for the police. We decided what features we wanted to add onto our own police jacket, ready for when we make our own at the end of the half term!


    In our lesson for DT last week, we developed our joining techniques by practising using fabric glue, running stitch and back stitch. Have a look at how we got on...







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  • Police Poems

    Published 28/02/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part our English, we looked at descriptive language linked to the police. We created some adjectives, verbs and similes to describe what they look like and their role in the community. Once we had a bank of language, we then wrote them into sentences in a shape poem! 





    Once we had written them, we then performed them using SeeSaw - log on to your child's SeeSaw to see their performance!  

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  • Proud Portraits

    Published 11/02/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our Art learning this half term, we have been focusing on the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We have been practising his techniques throughout our lessons leading up to a final piece linked to our suspects for our crime scene in the classroom!  

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  • Crime Case Cracked!

    Published 31/01/22, by Jenny Bail

    Last week, we finally identified who had destroyed our classrooms.....Mr Denny. We explained to the police about the evidence we had found, the answers from the interview he had given and the incident reports we had filled out. They decided there was enough evidence to arrest him! After a stern talking to from the police, Mr Denny has now apologised to us and will never do it again!


    Then the police officer talked to us all about his role within the community and how he keeps us safe. He showed us all the things he has to help with his job and we even got to look/sit inside the police car! 

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  • Shoe Science

    Published 24/01/22, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our Science learning this week, we were exploring measuring force using a newton meter. 

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