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  • Ready, steady, cook!

    Published 24/05/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    We had such an exciting week last week in year three! Every single afternoon, the children were developing their cooking skills.   We began the week by taste, testing a range of different foods, including dates, tzatziki, hummus, mint, coria
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  • Using our geographical skills!

    Published 16/05/23, by Geraldine Sentance


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  • Amazing adventure stories in Year 3!

    Published 09/05/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    This half-term, we have been enjoying a story called Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd-Stanton. The children have been loving this adventure story and used it to inspire their own versions. We have been focusing particularly on speech, a
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  • Introducing our new Science topic!

    Published 21/04/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    Throughout this half-term, the children will be learning all about animals, including humans. The objectives we cover are below -  *identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and
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  • A gastronomic tour de France!

    Published 20/03/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    Today, for our French lesson we taste tested some delicious French food! The children then used all the learning we have worked on this term in our 'Food Glorious Food' unit to describe the food and express their own opinions on it. 
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  • Science Rocks!

    Published 10/03/23, by Geraldine Sentance


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  • Year 3's Bedtime Stories

    Published 03/03/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    This Thursday, we had Tudor's version of World Book Day, which meant the staff and children were all dressed up in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers! The children brought in their favourite bedtime stories and had also recreated the
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  • Crazy communication!

    Published 01/03/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    This week in PE with Mr Higgins, the children have been working on their communication skills whilst playing different activities. At first, the children weren't allowed to talk at all, but had to get themselves into hide order. This was a bit ch
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  • Getting creative in Year 3

    Published 24/02/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    Our project this half term in Art, is to create a picture of a volcano. This will include painting the shape of the volcano as well as the lava and ash cloud surrounding it. The children will be using a range of materials to help them creat
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  • Money Maths!

    Published 03/02/23, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our learning this week in Maths, we have been focusing on multiplication and division linked to the real world of money! We explored different methods to support our working out such as our times table knowledge, sharing circles, bar models and the column method. Then we used these methods to help us solve Roman inspired money problems. Have a look at some our work below...





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  • Super shields in Year 3!

    Published 27/01/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    This week in D&T, we have been planning the design and construction of our awesome Roman inspired shields. We practised different joins using cardboard, including tabs, flange, tie and an l brace. We then discussed our design criteria including m
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  • Let's talk soil

    Published 20/01/23, by Geraldine Sentance
    This term, our topic for Science in Rocks and Soils. Last week, the children observed different types of soils and described them using scientific vocabulary. This week, we were looking at the permeability of soils and tested three different typ
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