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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Target Trip

    Published 26/11/21, by Jenny Bail

    This week in Year 3, we went on a trip to Laureate Academy! 

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  • Science Learning!

    Published 15/11/21, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our Science topic we have been learning about a healthy and varied diet.  We have also looked at the amount of sugar in some foods, have a look! 



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  • Computing Day

    Published 22/10/21, by Jenny Bail

    We became programmers during our computing day! 

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  • Art continued...

    Published 11/10/21, by Jenny Bail

    This week for Art, we have carried on with our journey to creating our prints. 

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  • Stone Age Art

    Published 27/09/21, by Jenny Bail

    Year 3 art this half term is all about the skill of printing. 

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  • Thunk's Adventure!

    Published 20/09/21, by Jenny Bail

    As part of our writing about the Stone Age, the children in Year 3 are in the middle of writing an exciting adventure story all about Thunk. 

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  • Year 3 Soils in Science

    Published 13/09/21, by Jenny Bail
    As part of our learning in Science this week, Year 3 explored different types of soils. We got hands on with the soil to observe and discuss the characteristics of different soils. We also developed our understanding of what soil is ac
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  • What did our results show?

    Published 08/06/21, by Rose Houston

    This week we have looked at reporting the findings from our science experiment.

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  • Science! Changing states of matter

    Published 24/05/21, by Rose Houston

    We have been looking at changing states of matter in Science.

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  • Well done Year 3!

    Published 05/03/21, by Geraldine Sentance

    Miss Sentance and Miss Houston were spoilt for choice with all the great learning going on this week. From homemade fossils and spectacular shield designs to powerful persuasive writing, Year 3 has made us and themselves really proud. This week's shout outs go to Ollie, Maisy and Briar-Rose in 3T for their amazing home made fossils and Amelia, Bobby, Jen and Rosa in 3S.

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  • Celebrating some more great work!

    Published 26/02/21, by Rose Houston

    Well done for for some more great work year 3! Special mention to Christa, Maruna, Hannah

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  • Friday's fantastic work round up!

    Published 11/02/21, by Geraldine Sentance

    It's our final fantastic Friday blog before the half term, and as ever, there's so much super work to share that Miss Houston and I couldn't resist choosing four pieces each. Shout outs this week go to Daniel, Joanna, Kye and Aidan from 3S and Bella, Christa, Abdul and Mason from 3T. 

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