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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

What does a dentist do on a roller-coaster?


Over the past couple of week, year 4 have been focusing on what causes tooth decay.

We started th process by learning the different types of teeth and their functions.

We planned an enquiry, generated our own questions and decided on our question being 'what liquid substance causes the most tooth decay?'

We decided on the liquids being: Coke, Orange Juice, Water and Milk.

As a year group we all predicted the worst substance to be Coke, but we were wrong.

Orange Juice was the worst!

The outer shell peeled away and left the inner shell very patchy! It was so gross!

Have a look at what happened to the shells in the different substances:




Orange Juice:

We also discussed how we can look after our teeth! We definitely need to make sure we brush our teeth at least twice a day!