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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • The Empire Windrush

    Published 05/06/24, by Geraldine Sentance
    Since returning from the holiday, Year 5 have been learning all about the Empire Windrush.  The Empire Windrush was a ship that travelled from the Caribbean to Britain in 1948. In June of that year the ship arrived at Tilb
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  • River Watch 2024!

    Published 24/05/24, by Emma Cosby

    Year 5 enjoy a day of watery learning with the help of the Boxmoor Trust!

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  • Tamagot-you!

    Published 15/05/24, by Emma Cosby

    Year 5 code their own micro pets- 1990s style!

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  • Extra Extra Explosive Learning in Year 5!

    Published 11/05/24, by Emma Cosby

    Year 5 report on Hemel's recent history!

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  • Searching for adventure: Year 5 orienteering fun!

    Published 29/04/24, by Geraldine Sentance
    In PE this half term, Year 5 will be focusing on outdoor adventure activities. Our first session with began with the children completing different obstacles with the help of their team, and the added twist of being blindfolded. Today's se
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  • Stepping back in time...

    Published 19/04/24, by Geraldine Sentance
    This term's theme is Step Back in Time and that's exactly what we did on the first day back from the Easter holiday. The children were tasked with researching and exploring a decade of their choice and then creating a mood board to
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  • Rocking the House!

    Published 15/03/24, by Emma Cosby

    Taking on Earthquakes!

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  • World Book Day

    Published 08/03/24, by Geraldine Sentance
    This Thursday, was world book day. The children were able to come to school in their pyjamas and then had the opportunity to buddy up with a child from year one. They then read the child a story and the child read back to them. This was a great
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  • Our final Extreme Environment!

    Published 16/02/24, by Geraldine Sentance
    Over the last half term, we have been working on our painting skills. The children have explored artists, including Bob, Ross and Ed Mel, which they have really enjoyed. Throughout the half-term, we have developed our skills including scraffito, wet
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  • Area, Squares and Cubes

    Published 10/02/24, by Emma Cosby

    Investigating shapes in maths.

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  • Extreme Art!

    Published 02/02/24, by Geraldine Sentance
    This half term in Art, we are using and developing our painting skills and techniques. We are taking inspiration from artists including Bob Ross and Ed Mell. So far, we have learnt how to apply the technique of scraffito, overlaying and wet-on-wet us
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  • From the North to the South

    Published 27/01/24, by Emma Cosby

    Year 5 getting going on a polar adventure.

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