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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Greek workshop!

    Published 26/05/21, by Ella McKenzie

    Today's fun at our Greek workshop!

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  • Balanced Arguments

    Published 19/04/21, by Ella McKenzie

    The pupils were given different arguments and had to deconstruct these into points 'for' and 'against' their topic. Once they had separated these, they would attach each point to a weight and put these on the scales to establish whether the argument was balanced or not. 

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  • DIY eclipses!

    Published 08/02/21, by Ella McKenzie

    This week we have been looking at eclipses and trying to recreate our own using house-hold objects! Check these out!

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  • Jackson Pollock - Artist study

    Published 11/01/21, by Ella McKenzie

    Today, for online learning, we did artist studies for Jackson Pollock

    Have a look at some of our best ones!

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  • Google Classroom access via a console

    Published 07/01/21, by Andy Munro

    If you are stuck with how to access Google Classroom - here are some instructions to do it via a ps4 or xbox. Although this is not ideal they should then be able to see the content and complete the work by hand.

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  • Guatemalan worry dolls

    Published 11/11/20, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about traditions and other aspects of central American history!

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  • Temple run!

    Published 06/10/20, by Ella McKenzie

    Using our maths knowledge to help represent our knowledge of Mayan temples!

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  • Frederick Catherwood

    Published 01/10/20, by Alex Crowder
    Over the past couple of weeks, we have been exploring the work of Frederick Catherwood before creating our own pieces depicting Mayan structures in the Mexican jungle. It is hard to believe these are only our first drafts!
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  • Oh the places you'll grow

    Published 25/09/20, by Ella McKenzie

    Experimenting with variables that may affect how a plant grows 

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