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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Parents: Need help understanding phonics? Here are some video guides.

Here are some video guides on how to pronounce the phonic sounds. 

In Year 1, we make sure children are secure with phase/stage 3 phonic sounds and then teach them phase/stage 5 phonic sounds. The new phonic workbooks we've given you are based on Phase 5 phonics. Please don't panic if your child doesn't recognise most of the phase 5 sounds yet. It doesn't mean they weren't working within their age but you practicing with them at home will help as we'd normally have them secure with recognising them by the end of year one. 

Here are some videos I've made to help you know how to pronounce the sounds:

Phase 3 sounds (Step 1):

Phase 5 sounds (Step 2):

The videos go fast at times. Feel free to pause them if you want to focus on a sound mat or sound picture/rhyme.

Alternatively, below are sound mats with pictures to help you know how the sound is pronounced: