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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

What have 1P been up to this week?

Well done to Darcie, Violet and Alyssa who got their 'Blue Glitter Tudor Reading Star'! Wow! And well done Jana for getting your gold star


"Hi! It's Isla. I have been making a book. It’s about animals in the woods. I have also made a science book. We made predictions in it . I predicted the water balloon in the garden will stay the same and the one in the freezer will freeze and I was right. Me and my brother made ice lollies too out of juice and water. We have also been playing in the pool!"


Look at the lovely pictures Luxmiha has made!


"I have made some bracelets for my friends and a little note saying I miss them. I also made a house out of lego with the sea too and the best thing is I completed my reading up to my blue badge. I was so excited to tell you!!!!"


Look at the extra maths Leon has been doing! Impressive!


Check out the fun activities Jana has been up to but most impressive of all she decided to write a diary after going on a virtual school trip to a dairy farm. I'm so proud of you Jana! What a star! Look at all that great writing even in the school holidays. 


A picture speaks a thousand words when showing how much fun Anthony has had this week...

Finally  1P...

THANK YOU for picking up your learning packs at the end of this week. We cannot believe 28 of you have collected them already and one other has been arranged to be collected next week. We only have 1 pack left to home deliver which is such a help! Go Team Tudor! Thank you for your support. 

See you next week on Seesaw :)