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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

A Round up of Week 3!

Hello our 1O Family - 

We hope you had a great week! Let's kick off our round up with Week 3's Gold awards! 


First, I would thank to say a big well done to... FINLAY! 

And next I would thank to say a big well done to... AYANNA!

Now i would like to continue by sharing some of the work completed this week...and of course some of the amazing puppet creations! 

Nishka wrote some beautiful instructions:

Ayanna completed a multiplication challenge! 

Ezra celebrate VE day in style! 

Now on to the puppets...

Eva used her sewing skills to make Olivia the octopus and Freya the fish!

Laci, Finlay, Francesco and Klaudia created a sock puppet:

Roman created a super hero puppet to protect you from the sun:

Enid and Edie used the toilet roll technique:

Oliver used his hands to make some beautiful sea creatures:

Milo made his very own Punch and Judy show:

Willow took to nature to add detail to her puppet:

Keep up the hard work 1O - 

Stay safe, Stay well and continue to smile - 

Miss Foy and Miss Benjamin x