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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Our Science Week 2018!

Happy Science Week everyone! What a fun (and messy) time we've had!

Tuesday -
We had a problem to solve! Poor Henry the hedgehog was stuck on one side of a mountain (the table) and had to get to the other side. We had to use our knowledge of materials to make the strongest bridge to help him cross. Miss Bell tested out bridges with several weights to make sure they were strong enough, and guess what... They all were! YIPPEE!

The messy one! We had 5 cups of coloured water and some kitchen towel, we rolled the kitchen towel and put each end in a different colour. Before we started we had to predict what we thought was going to happen we thought everything from making rainbows to explosions! 
Investigation time to see how many different colours we could make! It was so much fun and some of us even managed to get three or four colours on our towels!

Check out the pictures of both investigations below! :)