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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Monday 25.03.2020 - Home Learning

Hello Year 1! 

Firstly thank you to everyone that has managed to get in touch so far – seeing you all keeps the smile on our faces. We are responding to each and every one of you and will continue to do so. 

Today's home learning activities: 

  • English Pages 8 + 9
  • Maths Pages 8 + 9
  • Practice your letter formation (see separate post for tips)
  • Spelling, basic punctuation and maths online/real life games: For example, we sent home the login for Maths Shed/Spelling Shed a while ago (your login works for both)
  • Reading – Why don’t you have a go at reading a story… and then shutting the book before the end… then you can have a go at predicting what happens by telling your families how you think it ended.
  • Topic (Science)Who remembers the difference between Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivore? Have a go at creating a meal for each of these groups… you could even list a few animals from each category too.

    Present this in whatever way you choose, this could be:
    • A Vlog (video presentation)
    • A Powerpoint
    • Drawing/Writing
    • Diagrams/tables

Please don’t forget to send over your Topic work to your class email! We would love to start sharing work on the Blog.  

Don't forget to exercise daily:

  • Why not have a go at following today's Joe Wicks PE sessions?:
  •  Also check out Mr Higgins daily P.E workout (see his Tudor Sports blog)


    Answers will be uploaded later in the day so you can have a go first. 

     PLEASE NOTE: If we gave you a 'workbook' from another year group then go to that year group's blog page and you'll find the answers there. 

     We look forward to hearing from you – 

    Miss Foy, Mrs Benjamin, Miss Adams and Mrs Knight x