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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Check out more fabulous work we've received from 1P

Well done George for your neat and well organised science work! You clearly understand the difference between a herbivore and carnivore. 

In other news, 1P have been the teachers yesterday because they taught me sheep facts I never knew!

Thank you George for teaching me about the numbers of sheep in the world. I had no idea there are ONE BILLION! That's amazing! I also didn't know the most sheep were in China. I would not have expected that! China? Wow! 

George and Lucy seem to read each others' minds or visited the same website as Lucy also wowed us with the similar facts. But Lucy took her work to the next level by not only writing facts but sticking them on a lovely sheep picture. I love the extra touch of cotton wool too Lucy. Top job!

Anthony has impressed us with his writing too. Not many people realise sheep can make milk too! But yes Anthony you're right! My favourite part has to be when you mentioned sheep are herbivores. I love how you carried the previous day's work into this piece. Well done Anthony!

The award for the smallest handwriting has to go to Luxmiha though! Look at this neat handwriting! How do you manage to make it so small at your age Luxmiha? Amazing! Also thank you for teaching me that sheep can survive even when it's cold. Did you notice that Luxmiha mentioned herbivores too? Well done Luxmiha!

Thank you Mia for your video of you reading. It's lovely to see you're still doing well. Mia has not only been reading her school reading book but also this selection from her home. 

Mia has also been practicing her sentence writing skills by writing about pictures she makes. 

Francisco has also been knocking our socks off with his writing this week. Look how much he's written! He wins the award of the most writing of the week! Unless there are any other contenders who can beat him? I challenge you to do more writing than Francisco! Go Team 1P!

Dominik has also been working hard at home. Why not try what Dominik did and use a poster of numbers to 100 to help you with your maths? If you don't have one then type 'hundred square' into a search engine and print one off. 

Or do what Leon did and draw lines (or any other picture/dot) to keep track of your adding and subtracting...

Dominik also loves making things. Check out just some of his wonderful creations...

Miley has been feeling creative too. He's been making a caterpillar and volcanoes.

And I know lots of you, including Miley, have been working hard in your Maths and English workbooks. 

Aarav is so kind. He made a cake for his dad (with the help of his mum and sister)! Good baking skills Aarav!