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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Tuesday 31.03.2020

Good Morning Year 1! I hope you are ready for a super fun filled day of learning!


Today's home learning activities: 

  • English Pages:  16 + 17
  • Maths Pages:  16 + 17
  • Practice your letter formation (see separate post for tips)
  • Spelling, basic punctuation and maths online/real life games: For example, we sent home the login for Maths Shed/Spelling Shed a while ago (your login works for both)
  • Do your daily reading
  • Topic (DT): This term's topic takes us to the creation of a fruit salad and it's packaging. So your task today is to design the packaging for a healthy snack. The packaging needs to include;
     - an eye catching name ( FOY-tastic fruit, Adams apples, Magnificent mangoes)
     -a descriptive sentence (This juicy fresh fruit kebab stick will help you to reach your five a day!)
    - Bright colours and pictures! (patterns/logos? is it in a bag? a box? is it fresh?)

    Get creative guys and don't forget to label the picture of your food packaging when done! You could paint, draw, use a computer/ playdough... it's up to you! 

Don't forget to exercise daily:

  • Maybe Joe Wicks PE sessions?:
  •  Also check out Mr Higgins daily P.E challenge 


    Answers will be uploaded later in the day so you can have a go first. 

    We look forward to hearing from you – 

    Miss Foy, Mrs Benjamin, Miss Adams and Mrs Knight x