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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Well done 1P some more great work shared today!

I've been bowled over by the packaging you've designed for your fruity products. Here are some of the designs: 

Dominik made an 'Appolly.' The packaging looks so professional and I love the catchy rhyme! Well done!

Lucy made Lucy Lou's health pot. I love the alliteration and the name sounds like it will be really good for your bodies

George made Juicy George's Fruit! Sounds delicious!

Jana made a 'fresh box' and even listed the ingredients! What a yummy variety! Well done Jana! 

Other creative projects

Look at these cool monsters Anthony made!

Science of your own

I've been so impressed by the extra science projects you've come up with yourselves 1P. Felix and his family did the 'walking water' experiment. This is when you get coloured water to move from one glass to another. He also showed how water travels up a plant to give it the water the whole plant needs to survive. If you put cut flowers in coloured water you can see the water move to the petals and colour them! Felix took his science one step further though by writing up his results in an investigation. Well done Felix and family!

George on the other hand loves space! Here are his interesting space facts!


Lots of you have been working hard in your workbooks. Check out Anna and Luxmiha's workbook work below.