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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Year 1 Daily Activities (Wednesday 01.04.20)

Wednesday 01.04.20

Hello Year 1!

Thank you for working hard at home. You're superstars! 

Today's home learning activities: 

  • English Pages:  18 + 19
  • Maths Pages:  18 + 19
  • Practice your letter formation (see separate post for tips)
  • Spelling, basic punctuation and maths online/real life games: Here's a new free maths games website for you. It's Carol Vodererman's
  • Do your daily reading

Topic (History): Write 3 or more differences you can see between these 2 photographs. Please send in your answers in sentences with capital letters.

               Milking cows in the past                          Milking cows in the present


Don't forget to exercise daily: