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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Friday 3rd April (03.04.20) learning activities

Friday 3rd April (03.04.20) learning activities

Hello Year 1!

This is officially the last day of term! On Monday, the teachers will be posting a daily idea for a craft, science or cooking idea for you to do over the Easter holiday break rather than Maths/English/Topic ideas. These are completely optional.

After doing the pages below, please give your workbooks a rest as we'll be carrying them on when the Summer 1 term starts again. We'll also give you new workbooks in the next few weeks and we'll be slightly changing how we structure our suggested activities.

Today's home learning activities: 

  • English Pages:  22 + 23
  • Maths Pages:  22 + 23
  • Practice your letter formation (see separate post for tips)
  • Spelling, basic punctuation and maths online/real life games: Here's a new free maths games website for you. It's Carol Voderman's
  • Do your daily reading
  • Topic (Science and bonus is Art): Here is a list of 'mother' farm animals. What is their young/baby animal called? No need to write in sentences. Bonus points for drawing some or all of the animals
Adult   -> Young
Cow    ->
Goat ->
Pig    ->
Horse ->
Rabbit -> other than bunny
Sheep ->
Don't forget to exercise daily:
  • Joe Wicks PE sessions on youtube
  •  Mr Higgins daily P.E challenge on Tudor Sports Twitter. 
  • Sports4kids online teaching/workouts on Sports4kids Watford Twitter


    Answers will be uploaded later in the day so you can have a go first. 

    We look forward to hearing from you – 

    Miss Foy, Mrs Benjamin, Miss Adams and Mrs Knight x