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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Superb symbols, creative cupcakes, perfect poems and more.

We're now nearly at the end of our first week of Seesaw home learning.  Just one more day left in the week!  It's flown by!  Every day we are really excited to see the work that is uploaded and this is just a selection of work from the last couple of days.  If you still haven't made it to Seesaw yet then please come and join us.  This is where you will find your learning tasks for each day and you can also film yourself, record your voice, write, draw and so much more.  If you have any trouble getting on or are finding something difficult then get your grown-ups to email us at:                               OR      

Those delicious looking minion cupcakes were made by Kye by the way.  I wonder if they tasted as nice as they looked.

As well as working hard in our home learning books this is what else Year 2 have been up to.

   We've been sent lots of descriptive seaside poems today, including this beautifully presented one from Eadie.  Lots of you have been practising your handwriting this week as well, trying to make sure that you're joining your letters.  One person working particularly hard on this has been Ethan.  Keep up the good work everyone!

Lots of you have been really artistic as well and have created symbols to represent you or your family.


These colourful designs are by Maisy and Max.

This week we're looking at homophones in Phonics and we've really enjoyed looking at your pictures to demonstrate the difference between homophone pairs.  Rosa even drew her own picture using the tools on Seesaw.

Our activity all about places that we feel safe has also led to some great pieces of work being uploaded.  This safe place picture is by Isabella.  What a sunny, cheerful place!

It's also great to see what else people are doing at home so keep sending us/uploading pictures of these things too.  As you can see from this picture, Daisy managed to show us how well her courgette plants are growing and do the phonics task at the same time.  Briar-Rose meanwhile, has been really creative and made a picture of a unicorn using her own footprint.  What a great idea!


  Keep uploading your work and pictures everyone and hopefully, even if you haven't logged in yet, we'll see you on Seesaw tomorrow.

Keep up the good work,

Miss Scott and Miss Cosby