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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Some of our amazing symmetrical patterns

We've been learning about symmetry in Maths.  On Friday we were given a challenge to find as many ways as possible of colouring in 6 squares in a row with 3 different colours.  We had to use each colour to colour in two squares.  As an extra challenge, we could make our own symmetrical patterns and pictures.  You can see Edie's super work at the top of this page.  Here are just some of our other symmetrical creations.


Aidan and Florence worked hard to solve the first challenge.  Here are the different ways that they found of colouring the squares.


Briar-Rose and Miruna got creative with their colouring.


Here are Hannah and Maisy's colourful creations.


Ethan and Daisy made these amazing symmetrical patterns.


Look at these Lego masterpieces by Daniel and Jennifer.

Even Rosa's bunny helped to make a symmetrical pattern.  What great work!