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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Birthdays, Maths and a reminder of how awesome Tudor children are...FACT!

Good Evening,

Before I show you some highlights of what you have been doing today, I want to say a genuine thank you for all the cards and songs that have been sent to me today for my birthday. Mums and Dads know, that as we get older, birthdays change. This one was definitely different and I was a bit worried about being lonely today. I should have known that there was no danger of this happening as I am part of Team Tudor. It is proof that the card, message or call really can help- so make sure you keep in touch with each other and check in with the people who are special to you. Also know that Miss Scott and myself are here for you all too- no email is too short or long. xxxx 


Well done to the people who figured  that if there were 9 lambs, each with 4 feet, Farmer Cosby would have to do 9 x 4 to find out he had 36 feet to clean!  He best get started with that!

Here are some of your word problems:

Rosa's problem:

Matilda's problem:

Maisy's problem:

Teo's problem

Ethan's problem: (I love the drawing of Miss Scott)

Hannah's problem:

 Amie's problem:

Lastly... I think the videos may be working now..... Aiden's problem:


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Wow.... that was bumper.  The answers to today's pages are below- Mums and Dads, get those marking pens ready!