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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Some of today's great work and the answers to the CGP pages and reading tasks.

Hello Year 2,

We hope you have had a good day.  It has been lovely to see lots of you at Zoom meetings over the last few days.  Keep your eyes open for more Zoom invitations heading your way.  Once again, it has been great to see some of the work that you’ve been doing.  Here is some of the amazing work that has been going on today.

Maisy has certainly had a busy day.  As well as making the fantastic glider shown above, she has also been writing chapters for her very own book.  Lots of you also had a go at the challenge to make your own glider today.  We've been really impressed by the creativity.  There have been gliders that fly brilliantly, enormous gliders, colourful gliders and even brand new glider designs.

Here are just some of the results.


You can see that Teo and Briar-Rose have carefully followed the instructions to make these gliders.  They both quite rightly look very proud of their achievements.  

Jennifer decided to design and build her own glider instead of using the instruction sheet.  It looks amazing and it flies too.

Matilda has even created a stand for her colourful glider.

It's wonderful to see everyone being so creative.  As well as making gliders and completing Maths and English tasks there have also been lots of other creative activities going on, including baking.

We really love seeing what you've been up to so do keep sending those pictures in.  We're really looking forward to seeing what you do tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Miss Scott and Miss Cosby    :) 


The CGP Maths and English answers for today along with the answers to the reading challenges are at the bottom of this page.