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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Today's tasks and extra challenges.

Maths pages 16-17

These pages in the Year 2 book are all about fractions.  When you find a fraction of a shape, you split it into equal parts.  If you share it into two equal parts, you’ve made halves/found a half.  If you share it into four equal parts then you’ve found quarters.  If you share it into three equal parts then you’ve made thirds.

When you write a fraction, the bottom number (denominator) shows how many equal parts the shape is shared into.  The top number (numerator) shows how many of those parts you have.  Have a look on this website for a bit more information and to have a go at finding and recognising fractions.

English pages 16-17   In the Year 2 book, this focuses on tricky words. 

For some other challenging words, check out this week’s Spelling Shed assignment.

(make sure you check your answers from yesterday which are on the last post- if you found anything tricky please email Miss Scott at or Miss Cosby at

Reading Challenge

The challenges at the bottom of this page are all based on yesterday's text.  Choose your challenge and use the matching text from yesterday to help you to complete it.


Make as many words as you can using only the letters in the word:


For example, I can make the words mum and year.  How many words can you make?  Send us your answers and see if you can also tell us what the word means.