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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Today's tasks and challenges.

Well done, you've made it to the middle of the second week and are still doing brilliantly.  Like last week, it’s around this time that Miss Cosby and myself start to think about gold awards and we’ll be giving these out at the end of the week.  It could be you!


English pages 18-19 about punctuation

Follow this link to remind yourself when to use different types of punctuation mark.

Maths pages 18-19 – Fractions and Measures

Remember that finding a fraction is just about sharing into equal sized groups.

Reading Task:

Use the texts from Monday to help you to solve today’s text-based challenge (attached at the bottom of this page). The answers will be posted this evening along with the answers to your CGP work.



What number does each picture represent?  Once you’re found the answer, have a go at making up a similar problem of your own.  Send us your answers and puzzles.  We’ll see if we can solve them!

Remember to do an active challenge too and send us a photo.  We’ll pass this on to Mr Higgins for you.