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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Today's home learning and extra challenges.

Can you believe that it's Thursday already?  Where did that week go?  We're now nearly at the end of our second week of home learning and you're all doing brilliantly.

Here are today's pages to complete from your new CGP books:

Maths pages 20-21

This is all about measures and reading scales.  Watch this clip for some handy hints.

For some extra Maths fun, you could try to measure some things around your home.  Get someone to photograph you measuring and send us the pictures.

English pages 20-21   These pages are all about different types of sentences.  Think back to the learning that we did this half term.  

Statements:   The farmer was in his tractor.

Questions:   Where was the farmer?

Exclamations:  What an amazing tractor!  Look out!  How incredible!

Reading Challenge:

Choose a challenge from the bottom of this page.  The challenges are based on this week's texts again.  Today the focus is on spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Extra Challenge:

When we went to Aldenham Country Park, we got to see and hold different eggs.

What if one of the eggs had hatched out?  Can you describe what hatched out of the egg?  Can you explain what it did?   You could either make this factual (non-fiction):

e.g.  The egg gradually cracked open as the tiny baby bird with new wet feathers made its way through the shell with its egg tooth.

or you could let your imagination run wild and make your description like a story (fiction):

e.g.  The large purple egg started to shake violently.  Suddenly a crack appeared.  Terrified, we backed away.  Out of the strange purple egg hatched an enormous yellow dragon with small pointy teeth.

I tried to use 2A sentences in my examples.  Can you use these too?  We can't wait to see what you come up with.  Email us your ideas along with photos showing what else you've done today.