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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Home learning activities for today!

Good Morning year 3!

Good morning Year 3. Day 4 and both Miss Houston and Miss Manzie have been thrilled at the amount of work going on at home, so well done! Keep up the good work.


Today activities:

  • Pages 10 and 11 of your English work book
  • Pages 10 and 11 of your maths work book
  • 20 minutes of spelling shed
  • 20 minutes of reading

If you have finished your maths and English pages, why don’t you try these maths questions. We have been looking at strategies to help us work out a 2-digit number multiplied by a 1-digit number. One strategy we have used is the cherry model (example attached to word problems document). Choose a challenge below and use the cherry model to work it out.





15 x 3 =

12 x 4 =

15 x 2 =

16 x 3 =

15 x 5 =

14 x 3 =

22 x 4 =

23 x 3 =

26 x 3 =

34 x 5 =

32 x 4 =

29 x 10 =

62 x 7 =

54 x 5 =

58 x 6 =

77 x 4 =

43 x 9 =

33 x 6 =



Extra maths challenge: If you feel confident with multiplication and division then why not try some word problems. We have attached a document that requires your help to solve some problems in the north and south pole. Good luck!

Other activities:

  • Art challenge – Colouring is said to be good for your focus and helps us to relax. So for today’s activity we are going to use a love of colouring to create our own art in the style of Wassily Kandinsky. He is famous for his amazing paintings filled with colour and shapes, I have attached some of his paintings for you to have a look at. Your challenge is to use any material you like, such as card, paper, the back of a cereal box, or some newspaper. Then with a pencil draw shapes and lines however you want, then colour them in different colours to create something bright and beautiful. Take your time with this!


  • PE why don’t you take a look at Mr Higgins fitness challenge for today, which is on the ‘home learning’ section of the website.


  • Why not try day 4 of the Lego challenge (link on day 1 post), remember you can draw it if you don’t have any Lego.

We can’t wait to see all your work!

Miss Houston and Miss Manzie :)