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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning Year 3, we hope you’re all staying safe and are ready for another day of home learning! It’s so lovely to hear from you all with the amazing things you’ve been doing at home, keep up the great work!

Today’s Activities are:

·        Pages 12 + 13 of your Maths book

·        Pages 12 + 13 of your English book

·        20 minutes of Spelling Shed 

·        20 minutes of Reading

Optional Activities:

·        FLURRISH TEST DAY! Practise your times tables however you can! We recommend challenging your family to beat you on hit the button! If you send us your high score we’ll try to beat it as well:


·        How could you be the BEST pirate the Caribbean has ever seen? If you know, you can write a set of instructions to be a “Perfect Pirate!”. There is an example attached if you want to have a look before starting! Remember, your instructions will need:

o   A title

o   Subheadings

o   An Introduction

o   Ingredients

o   How you make it

o   How you know it’s worked


·        You’ve all been doing some fantastic reading from home. Why not create one of these things for the best book you’ve read so far:

o   A Book Review (example attached below)

o   A new Front Cover (with lots of drawing and colour!)

o   A letter to the author about why you liked it


·      Why not try Day 5 of the Lego challenge? We would love to see photos of anything you make :)


If you’re doing any other learning at home that you want to show us, please do as we’d love to see it! Have a great day of learning and stay safe!

Miss Manzie and Miss Houston