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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Looking for a way to slow down your childrens snacking?

Are your children racing through their daily snacks too quickly?

Here’s a really lovely idea from one parent on Facebook, a “Snack Shop!”.

You can choose how much each snack costs and write up a price list together with your children. Then, at the start of each day they can be given a set amount of money (monopoly or real!). Breakfast, lunch, dinner and fruit can be free, but anything else they need to pay for with their daily allowance. It’s a great way to teach children about decision making and money!

In this example, the parent gave each child £25 of monopoly money each day. The children can spend it all, or spend some and save the rest. It’s really helped the children to think about pacing themselves and making sensible food choices, as well as exchanging money and calculating change skills.