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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Here are the activites for Monday 30th March.

Good morning Year 3. We hope you had a good weekend! Start of a new week, which means lots of exciting learning ahead.


Today activities:

  • Pages 14 and 15 of your English work book
  • Pages 14 and 15 of your maths work book
  • 20 minutes of spelling shed
  • 20 minutes of reading

If you have finished your maths and English pages, why don’t you try these maths questions. We have been looking at subtraction throughout the year. Choose a challenge and have a go at working these subtraction sums out, don’t forget to show your working.




59 – 13 =

25 – 11 =

78 – 24 =

153 – 72 =

436 – 125 =

332 – 129 =

657 – 233 =

987 – 345 =

621 – 599 =

Extra maths challenge: Finished the above? Why not try some problem solving involving subtraction? I have attached a document that has a range of questions, getting more difficult as you go through. If an answer is true or false, don’t forget to explain why it is true or false with an explanation.

Other activities:

  • French challenge – In French we have been learning about family members. Why don’t you draw a family tree or a family portrait and label the family members in French.  Attached is a document to remind you of the family of the words in French.


  • Research challenge - We have already learnt a bit about the police force today, especially when we had visitors come in and speak. Can you research what the police force is like today and present it however you like. You may choose to do a powerpoint, poster, factfile, leaflet, however you want.

Some areas you could research:

- Clothing

- K9 units

- Rank system

There is a powerpoint attached that might help and  here is a website to get you started:


  • Check out Mr Higgins PE challenge today, it is the hardest one yet. Can you do it? Send in a video of you having a go and we will post it on the blog.


  • Why not try day 6 of the Lego challenge, remember you can draw it if you don’t have any Lego.

We can’t wait to see all your work!

Miss Houston and Miss Manzie