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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 3, we hope you’re all staying safe and are ready for another day of home learning! It’s so lovely to hear from you all with the amazing things you’ve been doing at home, keep up the great work!

Today’s Activities are:

·        Pages 16 + 17 of your Maths book

·        Pages 16 + 17 of your English book

·        20 minutes of Spelling Shed 

·        20 minutes of Reading

If you have finished your maths and English pages, why don’t you try these fraction questions. Choose a challenge and have a go, don’t forget to show your working. If you finish those, there’s even more attached below!

*Hint: Divide by the bottom, then times by the top!*




½ of 6=

½ of 10 =

¼ of 8 =

1/3 of 12 =

1/5 of 25 =

1/6 of 30 =

2/4 of 20 =

2/3 of 15 =

3/4 of 32 =


Optional Activities:

·          English Writing: Can you write a persuasive advert to convince pirates to join your crew and sail around the Caribbean? Remember that an advert should be bright and eye catching, and should include persuasive adjectives, rhetorical questions and a time and place to meet. You can create your advert on paper, on the computer, or any way you like!


·          Use all of your science learning so far to invent an electrical appliance which could help the police force to capture criminals! It could be ANYTHING you want, from a handheld crime detector to automatic self-locking handcuffs! Draw a diagram and write an explanation of what it is. Remember to label your appliance with the following things:

o   Power Source (battery or mains)

o   Bulbs (lights)

o   Motors (movement)

o   Buzzers (sound)

o   If you want an extra challenge, draw the circuit to make it work!


·      Use the "Tudor Sports" page on twitter (or type "Tudor Sport" into youtube) to check out todays “Mr Higgins PE Challenge!” and email us any videos of you and your family giving it a try!


·      Why not try Day 7 of the Lego challenge? We would love to see photos of anything you make J


If you’re doing any other learning at home that you want to show us, please do as we’d love to see it! Have a great day of learning and stay safe!

Miss Manzie and Miss Houston J