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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

1st of April you say....hmm.....

Good morning Year 3. Here are todays activities! Don't forget to send what you have done in. Have fun!

To get that brain going why not try this riddle:

You can see me in the water, but I never get wet. What am I? Answer later today.

Today activities:

  • Pages 18 and 19 of your English work book
  • Pages 18 and 19 of your maths work book
  • 20 minutes of spelling shed
  • 20 minutes of reading

If you have finished your maths and English pages, why don’t you try these maths questions. We have been looking at addition throughout the year. Choose a challenge and have a go at working these addition sums out, don’t forget to show your working.




65 + 10 =

33 + 12 =

43 + 23 =

154 + 224 =

123 + 129 =

216 + 135 =

676 + 199 =

348 + 396 =

432 + 298 =


Extra maths challenge: Finished the above? Why not try some problem solving involving addition? I have attached a document that has a range of questions, getting more difficult as you go through.

If you are struggling to remember how to do column addition follow this link:

Other activities:

  • Art challenge – Last week was rainbows this week is Sunshine! Can you make a sunshine to go in your window? We have been looking at collage at school, so you may decide to use lots of different materials to create your sunshine, from old magazine, card, cereal boxes anything you can find. Or you may decide to use paints, or colouring pens and pencils. Whatever you decide take a photo of your sunshine and send it in.

Get some inspiration from the key stage 2 children at school yesterday, have a look at the photo below.


  • Why not try a dance class today? Oti Mabuse from Strictly come Dancing is doing dance classes on YouTube. Have a go at this one. Channel you’re in Elsa and have a go at this Frozen dance number. If you don’t fancy that one check out her other dance classes.


  • Why not try day 8 of the Lego challenge, remember you can draw it if you don’t have any Lego.

We can’t wait to see all your work!

Miss Houston and Miss Manzie