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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Welcome to Year 3's Blog.

January 2019

  • We are bug fixers in 3S!

    Published 31/01/19, by Rose Houston

    We have enjoyed being bug fixers on our computing day!

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  • Perimeter 3S

    Published 28/01/19, by Rose Houston
    3S have started looking at perimeter this week. To start we built a rectangle to enclose some zoo animals. We then learnt that the perimeter is the total measurement around the shape, so we measured the shape around our zoo animals. We made our
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  • Do we even need mobile phones?

    Published 25/01/19, by Rose Houston

    How can we communicate across the Colloseum?

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  • Calling 3T, can you hear me?

    Published 23/01/19, by Katie Manzie

    How would you get a message all the way across the Colosseum in Roman Times?

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  • Throwing Shapes in 3T

    Published 17/01/19, by Katie Manzie

    This week in 3T we've been learning all about 2D polygons!

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  • Shapes

    Published 15/01/19, by Rose Houston
    3S have started looking at shapes today. We have learnt that a polygon is a 2-D shape that has 3 or more vertices and angles. We have been exploring regular and irregular polygons, we have been sorting them into different groups, such as length
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  • Beginning our Art project

    Published 11/01/19, by Rose Houston
    We have started our new art project in 3S, we are looking at creating our own interpretation of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. This week was designing our ideas to go on our final piece. Watch this space to find out more! 
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  • Angles

    Published 07/01/19, by Rose Houston
    3S have started looking at angles this week. They have been using Wassily Kandingsky's  ‘Composition VIII to find right angles, they also were looking for angles that are greater than or less than a right angle. They have bee
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