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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Rise and shine Year 4. It's another sunny day!

Good morning Year 4. We hope you enjoyed your trip to the zoo and seeing all the amazing animals via webcam. Have a look below for some more exciting activities to help you have fun inside. Don't forget to send over some photos or videos so we can see the nice things you've been doing.

  • Oti Mabuse's Dance Classes - Have a look at Oti Mabuse's dance tutorials. In each video, she teaches you a new dance routine set to music such as Moana, Trolls and Frozen. Miss Sentance had a go at one of these... and if she can do it, you definitely can!
  • The Tate Kids website - Are you feeling artistics? The Tate is a group of four art galleries all around the UK and they've got a website dedicated entirely to children. There's lots of exciting artistic activities on there including creating your own pop art in the style of Andy Warhol and even finding out which arty hairstyle you should get.
  • A to Z - Can you choose a category and write an A to Z list? For example, your category might be vegetables so you would need to write a vegetable beginning with each letter. Or your category could be characters from books and films e.g. Alice in Wonderland, Batman... etc
  • Buckingham Palace - Have you ever wanted to explore Buckingham Palace and see where the Queen lives? Well now's your chance! Click the link below for a behind the scenes virtual tour of Buckingham Palace.
  • Zoom in Zoom out - Finally, I bet you've been wondering what the strange blog picture is! Just like in our normal Science lessons, this is a picture of a mystery item zoomed really far in. Can you work out what it is? The answer is attached at the bottom of the blog - but no peeking! You could even challenge everyone in your house to make a guess.
    • If you really enjoy the Zoom in Zoom out activities, why not make your own? Use a phone camera to zoom in really really close on an item in your house. Then, show someone and see if they can work out what it is from only the zoomed in picture.

We hope you have a lovely next few days and a really happy Easter! Miss Sentance and Miss Grundy will try not to eat too much chocolate on Easter Sunday ;)