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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Feedback and mark sheets

Well done for completing your second day of Homeschooling!

Miss Grundy and Miss Sentance are really impressed with the work that has been emailed over.

Especially Torrin's (4U) science experiment and Max's (4V) persuasive advert for English.

Do check out dojo to see if you have got any points for the work you have sent over to Miss Grundy or Miss Sentance.

Please keep them coming daily and if you are still yet to do so please do this :)

Here are your answers for the guided reading questions and the maths questions and please do find attached the answers for the CGP pages. You will need to scroll through to find the pages that you have completed regarding which book you have :)

Guided reading

Read pages 3-11

  1. What did all the great pirate captains have in common? P.3 They were scared of nothing, not even death.
  2. What does the word ‘lass’ mean? P.4 A girl or young woman.
  3. What does term ‘lay at anchor’ mean in this text? P.5 A ship is waiting or resting at anchor.
  4. What does the word ‘Aye’ mean? P.8 Yes
  5. Why has the author written some words in italic font on p.9? To emphasise the word or indicate a character’s thoughts.
  6. How would you feel if you were Grace Barry and you were told you were not allowed aboard the ship when you really wanted to? Explain why. Answers may vary. Make sure they have used words linked to feeling upset as Grace really wanted to be aboard the ship therefore, she wouldn’t be happy.
  7. What do you think the pirates muttered amongst themselves on page 10? Answers may vary. Talking about what to do with her? What may Captain Cutthroat do next? etc
  8. What do you think will happen after chapter two? Answers may vary. Will Grace get off the ship? What will happen if they are all drinking stolen rum?


  1. 43 x 5 = 215
  2. 65 x 8 = 520
  3. 543 x 6 = 3,258
  4. 276 x 9 = 2,484
  5. 763 x 3 = 2,289
  6. 5627 x 4 = 22,508