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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Q: What did the pirate say when his wooden leg got stuck in the freezer?

A: Shiver me timbers!

Good morning Year 4,

It has been so lovely to hear from some of you over the last two days. If you haven't emailed us yet, please do get in contact with pictures of work, any questions or just a general update. 

Guided Reading

This morning, your first task is to answer these questions related to Chapter 3 of ‘Grace the Pirate’. You will find this book by following this web link. If you didn't yesterday, you can sign up for free to access the book.

Read pages 13-19

  1. What two things does the boat do during the storm? p.13
  2. Find and copy the two words that tell you the narrator doesn't remember a lot about the night of the storm. p.13
  3. What does 'Look lively!' mean? p.14
  4. What is a mast? p.14
  5. Why did the young sailor have to climb the mast? Give two reasons. p.14
  6. How would you feel if you were at the top of the mast when the ship 'pitched and tossed in the towering seas'? p.14
  7. What does Captain Cutthroat mean when he says 'taste my steel'? p.18
  8. Find and copy a simile. p.18
  9. Choose three adjectives to describe Grace. Make sure to think carefully about the characteristics she has shown throughout the text.
  10. Why does Grace 'crawl up the sand'? p.19

For English, you need to complete pages 8 and 9 of your CGP book then write a letter from Mungo Watkins (the narrator) to his friend telling them all about Grace’s heroic actions during the storm and then the cruelty of Captain Cutthroat. Make sure to consider Mungo Watkins’s point of view – does he agree with Captain Cutthroat or with Grace? How does he feel about the situation? Finally, don’t forget to use the key features of a letter including address, date, Dear ____, paragraphs and a sign off at the end.

After break, for Maths, you need to complete pages 8 and 9 of your CGP book. Then, take a look at the questions below.




42+36 =

28+35 =

58 + 33 =

29 + 53  =

62 + 18 =

49 + 18 =

73 + 47 =

272+183 =

857+121 =

628 + 329 =

813 + 284 =

199 + 823 =

217 + 583 =

89 + 837 = 

2837 + 8728 =

1292 + 9032 =

42 + 7272 =

328 + 9273 =

728 + 8372 + 2837 =

9282 + 292 + 1282 =

(382 x 4) + 1284 =

For topic today we’re setting you a two-day project. It’s time to get to work for the pirate crew - the Captain wants you to use your Scientific enquiry results to create and build a pirate ship that doesn’t sink! Make sure to use materials that float and consider how the shape and surface area of the boat impacts its buoyancy. Don’t forget to test out your pirate ship with Lego figures or other small toys. Can you get your ship to hold a whole crew? Remember to send us photos of your pirate ship and tell us how many pirates it could hold without sinking. One option could be planning and designing it today, and then building it tomorrow. Or you could build it today and then decorate and test it out tomorrow.

After topic, you can spend some time on Maths Shed (remember it’s the same login as spelling shed – if you don’t know it, please email your teacher) practising your number bonds to 10 or 100.

Finally, for the last thirty minutes of your learning day, take a look at Mr Higgins’s fitness challenge for today which is on the 'home learning' part of the website. Our favourite challenge so far has been the DIY golf course going into the washing machine! 

All answers to CGP, guided reading and Maths will be displayed before 3pm on the Year 4 blog.

Miss Sentance and Miss Grundy