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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Friday just called. Said it will be here tomorrow!

Well done another day down! Keep us this hard work and please do send through the fantastic work that you have produced. We are extremely impressed with Tehila's (4V) pirate ship which looks to be floating. If worse comes to worse we all jump aboard Tehila's ship! And take a read of Harrison's pirate letter from yesterday. There is a lot of emotion in that letter and the font style is a great touch!

Answers for guided reading and the extra math sheet below and find attached todays CGP mark sheet.

Guided reading

Read pages 21-33 (Chapter 4)

  1. What palms did Grace find on the desert island? P.22 Banana, coconut and date
  2. Find the word that describes how Grace climbed the palm tree? P.22 Shinned
  3. What do you think coconut fibre is? P.23 A natural fibre extracted from the outer shell
  4. What do you think the phrase ‘The sun was hanging low over the sea’ means? P.24 The sun seems low down rather than high in the sky.
  5. Why do you think Grace was stiff and sore? P.24 From swimming through the ocean to the desert island.
  6. Find and copy the phrase that tells you Grace is scared and worried. P.25 Her heart in her mouth.
  7. What is the term called for using ‘…’? p.26 Ellipsis. Used to indicate excluded wording within a phrase or paragraph, or to indicate a pause in speech.
  8. What did she use as fish hooks? P.29 Earrings.
  9. Find and copy the word that means small. P.30 Tiddlers.
  10. Do you predict that Grace will stay on the island for 25 years? Explain your reason. P.33 Answers may vary. Make sure you have reasoned your answer and used the text to evidence this.
  11. What survival skill would you teach Grace to use whilst she is stranded on the desert island? Answers may vary.



4a. 54          5a. Shaded- multiples of 3; Circles – multiples of 7         6a. 98 is the odd one out because it is not a multiple of 12.

4b. 22 or 44       5b. Shaded – multiples of 8; Circles – multiples of 6 or 12      6b. 58 is the odd one out because it is not a multiple of 4.