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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Well done everyone for all your efforts during out first week of home learning. Take a look at today's blog for more exciting activities. 

Good morning Year 4,

It’s Friday!! Hope you’ve all had a great first week of learning and you’re looking forward to the weekend.

Guided Reading

This morning, your first task is to answer these questions related to the book ‘Grace the Pirate’. You will find this book by following this web link:

If you are unable to access the site, then please do find attached the pages required.

Read pages 35-39 (Chapter 5)

  1. Where did Grace find the skeleton? P.35
  2. Find and copy the phrase that tells you Grace is scared. P.36
  3. ‘Pointing to the grassy bank opposite.’ In this context, what does ‘bank’ mean? P.36
  4. Why could Grace open the chest easily? P.37
  5. What was inside the chest? P.37
  6. Find and copy the phrase that tells you Grace was excited. P.37
  7. Write your own sentence to describe the contents of the treasure chest – you could use a simile, 2A sentence or personification.
  8. ‘She put both arms up to her elbows into the treasure’. What does this show the reader about the treasure? P.38
  9. What two adjectives describe the coins? P.38
  10.  ‘Was this what awaited her?’ How do you think Grace feels at this point in the story? P.39

For English, you need to complete pages 12 and 13 of your CGP book then finish off your diary entry from yesterday. Make sure to edit and improve with a different coloured pen and ensure you have covered everything on the checklist (attached at the bottom of the blog).

After break, for Maths, you need to complete pages 12 and 13 of your CGP book. Once finished, have a look at the attached Maths sheet. You don’t need to print this, you can just copy the questions and do the working on spare paper. E is the main work and GD is the extra challenge sheet.

For Topic today, we’re using our Geography and Art skills. Your task is to create your own treasure map for your family to follow. Start by drawing a map of your house and garden/surrounding area. You can then add lots of detail and ‘X’ will mark the spot that your family needs to find. Give them the map and see if it’s accurate enough to lead them to the treasure!

After topic, you can spend ten minutes on maths shed to finish off the times tables that were set yesterday. Then, it's time for spelling tests - you will have been practising your spellings on spelling shed this week so please ask your parents or older siblings to test you on them so that you can find out your score out of ten and check which ones you're still not sure on. Your spelling lists will be inside your green homework book or red book.

Finally, take a look at the Tudor Sports YouTube channel for today’s challenge from Mr Higgins. Please do send over any videos of you having a go at the challenge as these can then be shared on the Tudor twitter.

Please do keep emailing us photos of your day’s work or just a general update. It was great to hear from some on you yesterday. Some children even received dojo points for their great work and effort!

All answers to CGP books, guided reading and Maths will be displayed before 3pm on the Year 4 blog.

Miss Grundy and Miss Sentance