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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

What a fantastic first week of home learning. We've so loved seeing all the work you've been getting up to. Take a look at Marta's poem and rainbow for the window and well done Temidere and Temidayo for your creative pirate ships. 

  1. Where did Grace find the skeleton? P.35 In a clearing stretched out beneath a fig tree.
  2. Find and copy the phrase that tells you Grace is scared. P.36 ‘With a shudder’
  3. ‘Pointing to the grassy bank opposite.’ In this context, what does ‘bank’ mean? P.36 A mass or mound of earth (or a small hill)
  4. Why could Grace open the chest easily? P.37 Because the metal clasp had rusted away
  5. What was inside the chest? P.37 Rubies, pearls and gold coins
  6. Find and copy the phrase that tells you Grace was excited. P.37 Her heart beat faster
  7. Write your own sentence to describe the contents of the treasure chest – you could use a simile, 2A sentence or personification.
  8. ‘She put both arms up to her elbows into the treasure’. What does this show the reader about the treasure? P.38 There’s lots of treasure - the box is very deep and full because the treasure reaches Grace’s elbows.
  9. What two adjectives describe the coins? P.38 cold and hard
  10.  ‘Was this what awaited her?’ How do you think Grace feels at this point in the story? P.39 Your opinion – could be that she is feeling quite disheartened, worried and scared.

Answers for the Maths sheet and CGP books are attached.

Have a great weekend everyone and make sure to check the blog 9am Monday morning. Next week, we'll be doing some French, Computing and lots more exciting topic related activities.