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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Q: What type of bird should you never take to the bank?

A: A Robin

Good morning Year 4,

We hope you had a nice weekend. Now for our second week of home-schooling. Last week was a great success and you smashed it! Let’s do the same this week Team Year 4!

Rise and shine! Let’s wake up and get energised!

Take part in Joe Wicks P.E lesson that is streamed live on his YouTube channel ‘The Body Coach Tv’. This starts at 9am. Get your water and sweatbands ready!


This morning, your first task is to answer these questions related to the poem ‘The Highway Man’. You will find the poem as an attachment.

Read pages I , II, III

  1. What do you think the poem is about?
  2. What do you think ‘the wind was a torrent of darkness’ means?
  3. Why did the author repeat the word riding?
  4. List three things that the Highway man was wearing.
  5. List three sets of rhyming words.
  6. Find and copy an example of alliteration.
  7. What do you imagine when you read ‘the road was a ribbon of moonlight’?
  8. Where was the Highway man riding to?
  9. What fabric was the Highway man’s coat made from?
  10. Find and copy the phrase that tells you the Highway man’s boots were tight.
  11. What is the rhyming pattern in the poem? Use the letters of the alphabet to answer this. Eg: ABAB.

I am not sure what is happening with the highway man poem. It has been re-saved in two different formats now. When opened form the blog I was able to see all 3 pages so I am not sure if this is a technical issue. Please do try the second take and see if that works :) 

If not then try this :

It is on Twinkl.


For English, you need to complete pages 14 and 15 of your CGP book then write a character description for the Highway Man. Look at the attached picture of the Highway Man to help you.

Remember to include:

2A sentence

Noun, who/which/where sentence

Powerful adjectives




It would be great to see editing and improving on the work you send to Miss Grundy and Miss Sentance.


After break, for Maths, you need to complete pages 14 and 15 of your CGP book. Once finished find the attached maths sheet. Do not print this out. You can simply answer these onto a spare piece of paper.

After lunch, for topic we would like you to research who Dick Turpin was. Present your research as a mind map, you can make this colourful.

Questions you could research:

What did Dick Turpin look like?

What is he famous for?

When was he born?

Find another fun fact about something that happened on his day of birth. Doesn’t have to be related to Dick Turpin.

Why was he in prison?

When was he executed?

Where was he buried?

Why were there two names on his gravestone?

What other fun facts can you find about Dick Turpin?

After topic you can spend thirty minutes on New spellings have been set for you to practise up until Friday for your spelling test.

To end with a fun activity, see if you can guess the teaching staff from their baby photos. Some adults haven’t changed a bit!

Also, take a look at Mr Higgins’s daily challenge! Send over videos of you giving it ago!

Please do email us a photo of your day’s work. Let’s have another great week and see if we can get those dojo points up.

Have a great day!

All answers to CGP, guided reading and Maths will be displayed before 3pm on the Year 4 blog.

Miss Grundy and Miss Sentence.