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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Well done everyone for today's hard work. Shout outs today go to Cezary in 4U who created a detailed and eye-catching comic strip and Olivia in 4V who made a fantastic clothing poster en Francais. Tres bien! 

Also, take a look at this Horrible Histories song all about Dick Turpin that Harrison (4U) found when researching yesterday.

Guided Reading

  1. What do you notice about the fourth and fifth lines in each stanza? The fifth line repeats or adds more description to the fourth line.
  2. What features tell us that this poem is not set in the present day? Old fashioned vocabulary such as French cocked-hat, breeches, rapier hilt. Mention of King George's men with muskets. 
  3. What is a stable-wicket? p.IV A gate
  4. How does Alfred Noyes describe Tim the Ostler’s face? p.IV White and peaked
  5. What technique is used in the phrase ‘his hair like mouldy hay’? Simile
  6. Do you think Tim is a ‘goodie’ or ‘baddie’? Use evidence from the text to justify your answer. Your opinion - could reference the description of Tom e.g. eyes were hollows of madness.
  7. Find and copy one word that means the same as beautiful on p.V. Bonny
  8. What are the ‘black waves’? p.VI The landlord's daughter's hair.


Keep an eye on the blog tomorrow as we will be releasing details for a live 'Zoom' Year 4 story time that will take place Thursday.