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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

We hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed seeing each other on Zoom as much as we did. Take a look at the blog for answers, shout outs and feedback.

Well done for another day of hard work everybody! Today, Miss Grundy has been particularly impressed with Leon's poetry. Well done Leon - keep up the hard work! Miss Sentance also loved reading Taylor's poem and was particularly impressed with his use of onomatopoeia (yes I did have to google that spelling!). Also, a big well done to Imogen for her French work yesterday.

  1. Find and copy the phrase that tells you the ropes would not come undone. P.iv the knots held good
  2.  What does the phrase ‘hours crawled by like years’ mean? P.iv time was going really slowly
  3. Find and copy the three things that the daughter’s hands did. P.iv writhed, stretched and strained
  4. Which word most closely matches trying hard or struggling. P.v strive or strove
  5. How is the road described? P.v bare and in the moonlight
  6. What makes the noise ‘tlot-tlot’? the horse's hooves
  7. Why do you think there is so much reference to the moonlight in this poem? Your opinion - could be because it makes the poem seem eery and adds to the scary/dramatic effect.
  8. Do you think the daughter and the highwayman will escape? Your opinion