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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Come close and listen to an incredible tale...

The Saga of Biorn: a work in progress from 5C

To round off our learning on Vikings, 5C are writing a Viking Saga based on the animation 'The Saga of Biorn'.

Today (Friday), we started to write the fight section and have been really looking at using interesting sentence starts, plus powerful vocabulary.

Here is a sample of Paulo's work.  Can you see where he has tried to use more interesting words and phrases?


Depressed and in low spirits, hopeless and upset,Biorn looked into the distance and thought: Would he ever enter Valahalla?  Would he die the normal way? Was he doomed to go to Helheim?  Dispirited, Biorn sat down on the snowy cliff.

Suddenly, the old warrior heard squeals of terrified people who were not too far away.   Realising this may well be his chance and his ticket to Valhalla, Biorn frantically bolted towards the shrieks.


Will he make it to Valhalla?  You will just have to wait to find out!